From Our Staff

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We are a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of adults that so many times fall through the cracks as they attempt to live their lives dealing with a mental illness. We bring them in, often times, with nothing, they come with the clothes that they have on and a sorrowed or angry heart. We invite them into our home, hearts and family. As they become stable on medications and start having nutritious meals on a daily basis, they begin to feel better and start to call us ‘home’. Thus the circle of our family grows again.

We would like to meet you! We would like to see more family/friends become active part of our resident’s daily lives. Often times, the mental illness has become a strain on the relationship for whatever reasons and the family members fall away. Through education and understanding, some of the issues, manic phases and ‘voices’, I think you may see that your family member may not have intentionally meant to harm you, in actions or words. Healing will only come through viewing your situation with an open mind, loving heart, steady walk and forgiveness.

It is never too late! Start today by writing your loved one a card/letter! We are waiting for the mailman!

All donations and mail can be sent to us at:
PO Box 1474
Duncan, OK 73534

Please send packages to 1510 W. Main, Duncan, OK 73533