Brian Wolff – 40 years of service at Duncan Community Residence

Brian Wolff honored

Caption by John O’Neill: I was at the Oklahoma State House of Representatives this morning for the recognition of my friend, Brian Wolff, for 40 years of service at Duncan Community Residence, which houses individuals with chronic mental illness. Brian is addressing the House flanked by Representative Dennis Johnson (to his left) and Senator Anthony Sykes (to his right) who co-sponsored the Resolution that honored him. Brian has a servant’s heart and the Resolution, as well as two standing ovations, were/are well deserved. Thanks Brian for your outstanding example of good citizenship and living in Christ’s love.


In April, Representative Dennis Johnson, Oklahoma House of Representatives, informed us that a presentation ceremony was scheduled, of a citation in recognition of Brian Wolff ‘s 40 years of service as the administrator of Duncan Community Residence.

You may see video of the presentation by selecting this link.

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Brian Wolff cited Caption information provided by Brian: Next to Brian on his right is Sue Snider, 85 years old, who has been a supporter of DCR even before the first resident moved in on May 15th, 1975. She helped clean the first facility that housed the Residence in preparation for the first residents. She was a member of the Board of Directors. for several years She worked as a cook/attendant and served as Brian’s assistant for several years. She continues to make monthly contributions.

The last photo is of family and friends who came to watch the ceremony along with Representative Johnson and myself. From left to right are brother-in-law from Eufaula, OK, Phil Baker; pastor friend from Norman, OK, Eddie West; sister from Eufaula, Bea Baker; niece from Dallas, TX, Nancy Wolff; sister from Bismarck, ND, Evelyn Buchfink; Good Shepherd Lutheran Church congregation president Howdy Stout and his wife Tania; DCR Board President Brenda Knabe(face partially hidden), Sue Snider in wheel chair with her daughter behind her, Laura Hare, Delois and Leon Farris, member of DCR Board of Directors and initiator of citation and Deacon John O’Neill, long time friend from Tulsa, OK.

Brian Wolff

Brian with Representative Johnson


As friend, Webmaster for this site and PT employee of DCR, this page brings an extra smile. Nearly ten years ago, while working for a local newspaper, one of my first tasks was to layout a full page story about Brian. I was new in town, very new to that job and likely read every sentence a dozen times as I worked to make the page perfect to impress my boss.

It was fun to read a true story of someone who met their destiny like this. Filled a need, built a life, became a person you want to know. Notes in italic by Jim Amidon


Update added 6-2-16:

Click here to support Brian Wolff’s Retirement Honorarium by Nancy Wolff

On June 26, our beloved brother, uncle and friend, Brian Wolff, Administrator of the Duncan Community Residence (DCR) will be retiring after 40 years of service. In…
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